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Obituary of Dennis Barton

I am very sorry to announce the death of Dennis Barton. He died peacefully in his sleep on Friday 24th March 2017.

The following was written by Karl Keating shortly before Dennis' death

I'm distressed to hear about Dennis. Such a fine man and so selfless in his devotion to the historical truth about the Church. I wish there were a way to convey my appreciation to him and to let him and his wife know that they are in my prayers. I always have admired Dennis, not just for his dedication to accuracy but for his willingness to do so much good work over the years even though he must have thought that so few would profit from it. And perhaps, in raw numbers, relatively few did, but I suspect that among those few have been people who will pass along what Dennis preserved in his writings, to the ultimate benefit of many. I know I have been enriched by Dennis's work.

Also I have the following which Dennis previously asked me to add to his website.


Finally I have the following important link which
I have already added to my own
www.christendom-awake.org and Dennis's ChurchinHistory website.


Here below is some biographical information about Karl Keating who has been such a supporter of the work of Dennis Barton.

About Karl Keating

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