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Ivan Dragicevic from Medjugorje in St. Stephen’s cathedral, Vienna

Ivan Dragicevic from Medjugorje spoke on Tuesday the 16th. September, 2008, before thousands of people in the Viennese St. Stephan’s cathedral about prayer for peace. The cathedral was overflowing with believers from the most diverse prayer groups and movements. All met together under the slogan, ‘A Message for You.’ 

The Maltese arranged the smooth operational running of this large meeting. The Maltese Youth, which calls itself Johannesgemeinschaft, were also very active in issuing invitations and in the preparations. Under the guidance of people like. Oktavian Eiselsberg everything was well organized.

At 4 pm. the program began in the cathedral with the “Angelus” and the testaments of two men, who spoke of their personal experiences.

Alfred Ofner, the commander of a district fire-brigade in Baden, reported of his healing in the church of Medjugorje. Brother Michele of the community: ”Mary, Queen of the Peace“ told of his long way from the crisis of„ “Sex, drugs and rock music “. A chaplain had paid for a trip to Medjugorje, where he instantly knew himself as loved by God, and set on a conversion process.

At 5 pm. Ivan Dragicevic spoke; “We have come, in order to find and meet Jesus, and with His mother find protection and security.”

He described the first two days of the appearances and confessed that he has asked himself daily for 27 years: Why me?  Was there nobody better?

 “He sees its personal conversion as a process, a program for his daily life„ Mary has enrolled me into her school. I strive to be a good pupil and do good homework for myself and my family.“

The message has been the same for 27 years: Peace between God and mankind and peace in the hearts of men by conversion, faith and love, forgiveness, reading the Bible and the Eucharist. Only by prayer can the world become religious again.

Following this, the Joyful mysteries of the rosary were said.

Shortly before 6.40 Ivan knelt down before the altar. For approximately 10 minutes, despite the large crowd in the cathedral, there was complete silence during the meeting of the Mother of God with Ivan,.

At 7 pm Dr. Leo M. Maasburg, the national director for Mission to Austria, concelebrated with approximately 20 priests the holy Mass. At the same time other priests were available in the cathedral to hear Confessions, discuss and hold common prayer in different settings during the whole prayer evening. It was remarkably so many accepted this opportunity

Following the Mass, we said the Creed, seven Our Fathers, the Hail Mary and the Glory be to the Father for peace, which the priests and people said kneeling.

After this, Ivan reported on his meeting with the Mother of God in the cathedral: “Mary was joyful and glad and greeted us with‚ “Praised be Jesus”’. Then she prayed, with spread out hands for a long time for all the sick. (The Maltese made possible the participation of about 40 patients). Mary blessed all those present and the articles they had brought. Ivan reported that Mary is pleased with us, invites us to live the messages. “Dear children, with you I wish to fulfil my plan. Pray with me for peace within families.“

After an Our Father, the glory be to the Father and a short personal discussion with Ivan again, she departed.

The witness from Medjugorje thanked everyone for the evening with the desire that the good seed will grow and he will remain connected in prayer to those present.

Around 8.30 the Eucharist was worshipped for an hour, asking for mercy.

On Wednesday 17 September 2008 the guest from Medjugorje, received an invitation from Cardinal Dr. Christopher Schonborn, Archbishop of Vienna, to the midday prayer in his home chapel. During discussions the Seer made known the most important concerns of the Mother of God. The meeting, with which also Medjugorje participated – friends from Vienna, was held in a very cordial atmosphere.

Ivan also met the Apostolic Nuncio to Austria, Archbishop Dr. Edmond Farhat. Already, as Nuncio to Slovenia, His Excellency had visited Medjugorje in 1998, and was much obliged, like many of his compatriots from Lebanon, to be closely connected to Mary, the Queen of Peace.

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Cardinal Schonborn is seen talking to Ivan in the two photos at the bottom right-hand side. In the photo just prior to these, the Papal Nuncio to Austria is to be seen clasping hands with Ivan.

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