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PIUS XII, the War and the Jews

To access these audios enter PIUS XII into the second search engine [i.e. for programs] after clicking HERE.

1. Sr. Margherita Marchione discusses her book:
"Pope Pius XII - Architect for Peace". [3/3/2004].

2. Sr. Margherita Marchione discusses her book:
"Pope Pius XII". [8/13/2004].

3. Sr. Margherita Marchione discusses the life of Pius XII. [9/18/2004].

5. Pope Pius XII and the Jews by Patrick Madrid. In this he discusses his book "Pope Fiction". [2/1/2000].

6. The Holocaust and the Truth - A discussion with Ronald Rychlak and William Doino. [8/24/2001].

7. Pius XII and the Jews: Ronald Rychlak discusses his book:
"Hitler, the War and the Pope". (Second part of audio). [9/21/2001].

8. Pius XII (part of audio) with Sr. Margherita Marchione. [10/25/2002].

9. Pope Pius XII with Ron Rychlak. [7/11/2003].

10. Pius XII and World War II (second half of audio).
Rabbi David Dalin discusses his book:
"The Myth of Hitler's Pope" in answer to John Cornwall's "Hitler's Pope". [7/29/2005].

Dates within square brackets are of original broadcast on EWTN. Note that Americans place the month before the day.

Version: 12th February 2006

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